Top 10 Amazing High-Calorie Foods for Toddlers

Toddlers require high-calorie foods as an integral part of their everyday diet to combat weight issues caused by picky eating tendencies, failure to thrive or to regain lost weight after illness. Simple, tasteful and healthy additions to regular food can dramatically boost calorie content. Providing calorie-rich food choices in moderation can allow for healthy weight gain, while increasing vitality, brain development as well as strengthening the immune system. Now as much as infants and toddlers need to gain weight, this might be real hard to achieve, as they have tiny tummies and fussy habits.
Below you will find a

list of high calorie foods for toddlers :


1- Meat

Hot dogs, dark meats, cold cuts, as well as corned beef are all examples of meats that are rich in fat and higher in calorie content than white meat. In addition, fish sticks, breaded chicken strips, as well as meat slices slipped into finger food are easy for small children to handle and eat by themselves. Meat also contains the full complement of essential amino acids, and as such, ranks as one of the most ideal sources of proteins. It is rich in important minerals that promotes general body homeostasis and growth development. For an added flavor, dip your meat of choice in a cheese or mayonnaise dip for an extra calorie boost.

Here are a few meat recipes your baby will love:

Toddler Chicken Hash

This simply and flavorful kid-friendly dish carries a unique blend of flavors that tantalize the taste buds and go easy on your baby’s gut. It looks quite colorful as well, and automatically entices your kid into wolfing it down all at once.


-1 small can of white meat chicken
-1 can of carrots
-12 ounces of canned sliced potatoes
-1 tablespoon of olive oil


-Heat oil in a skillet

-Empty out all the three cans of ingredients (carrots, sliced potatoes and white chicken meat)

-Saute over medium-high heat till they brown lightly. Spay a drizzle of lemon zest for added flavor.

Cheddar Cheesy Meat Pie

What better way to pamper your cute little fussy eater than by treating him to a cheesy slice of meat pie? This sinfully calorific and healthy meal appeals to your kids’ taste buds and the best part is that it’s easy to whip up as well. Serve with mashed potatoes or French fries and watch your kids polish off the plate faster than ever!

Ingredients :

1 1 and half 2 lb of ground beef
1 finely chopped, medium onion
1 chilled and unbaked 9-inch pie crust
3 tablespoons of flour
1 cup of grated sharp cheddar cheese
2 eggs
1 1 and half 2 cups of milk
1 minced garlic clove (optional)
1 teaspoon of salt
1 1/2 teaspoon of pepper
1 tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce

Directions :

-Brown ground beef in a hot skillet with some onion and garlic.
-Stir salt, pepper and flour over the browned beef
-Spread the mixture in a pie shell and spread cheddar cheese over it generously.
-In a bowl, whisk eggs, milk and Worcestershire sauce together. Then pour the beaten mixture over the ground beef and cheese carefully.
-Bake at 400 degrees F for up to 40 minutes.

2- Eggs

Eggs are a great source of high-quality protein and calories. The whites are enriched with selenium, zinc, copper, iron, as well as vitamin B6, B12 and D. Eggs are a recommended breakfast choice for children as they help in strengthening the immune system and improving eyesight.

Here is a nice egg recipe that your little toddler would like:

Fried Ramen with Eggs

The slurry, squishy texture of ramen noodles is an instant hit with kids. Add in a delectable combination of fried eggs and soy sauce and what you have is a powerhouse of healthy calories that makes the dish filling, heart-warming and nutritious all at the same time!

Ingredients : 

1 pack ramen, any flavor
soy sauce
cooking oil
sesame oil
2 eggs
chopped green onions, optional

Instructions :

-Cook ramen noodles till they turn tender but firm. Drain the excess water. Then toss the noddles with a few drops of sesame oil and half of the seasoning packet. Set noodles aside for the time-being.

-Beat eggs in a bowl with a tablespoon of soy sauce. Then heat two to three tablespoons of cooking oil in a skillet and add in the noodles, taking care to spread them out carefully. Cook them till they start to turn crisp on the bottom. Also separate them slightly and add a little oil if they begin to stick.

-Now pour eggs over the noodles and cook whiel gently mixing with a fork until they are done. Add another spritz of sesame oil and some freshly chopped green onions for enhanced flavor.

-Transfer to a bowl and serve piping hot with a sauce or dip of choice.

Note: You can give scrambled or hard-boiled eggs to your baby. Cook scrambled eggs in butter and add some cheese for extra flavor, protein and calories.

3- Fruits and Vegetables

Dried fruit is known to contain a higher number of calories than fresh fruit. Then again, it’s advisable to give a combination of both as it enhances nutrition and contributes to a balanced diet. Bananas, mango, and papaya are all dense in calories, while vegetables like pan-friend potatoes and avocados are great choices. Fruits and veggies can be offered with whipped cream, dips or spreads to enhance calorie value and provide an extra flavor.

Sugar Plums

Sugar plums are nutritious and flavorful finger foods that bestow a good supply of energy to your growing little toddler’s body, while making them alert and strong in the process. Also, they are amazingly easy to churn up, and are thus great for those nights when you are too tired to cater to your baby’s whims.

Ingredients :

3/4 cup of nuts or seeds
toasted 1/2 teaspoon of orange zest
1/2 cup of dried plums (prunes)
1/4 cup of maple syrup
1/2 cup of dried apricots
1/2 teaspoon of ground cinnamon
1/2 cup of dried cranberries
1/4 teaspoon of ground nutmeg
1/4 cup of dried cherries

Directions : 

-Combine all the ingredients listed above in a food processor. Mix them at medium speed until they form a smooth mixture.
-Rub some cooking spray in your hands and roll into one-inch balls.
-Stash them in an airtight container and allow them to freeze in the refrigerator.
-Serve with a slight drizzle of freshly whipped cream and a generous sprinkling of pomegranate seeds for extra color and flavor.

Cheesy Tater Tots

Crispy and crunchy tater tots packed with melted, gooey cheese are just what your toddler needs to forget the rigors of childhood and indulge in their food cravings for a while. Serve them alongside their favorite dip and watch them disappear!

Ingredients :

1 bag of frozen tater tots

2 Tablespoon of ranch dressing

2 Tablespoons of sour cream
1 cup of shredded cheddar cheese
1 cup of shredded cheese
5-6 slices of cooked bacon, diced

Directions :

-Cook tater tots by following directions on the package. In the mean time, mix the sour cream and ranch dressing together and set aside.

-Remove the tots from the oven and sprinkle a generous helping of shredded cheese and bacon. Place it back in the oven and keep it there for 3 minutes or till the cheese has melted.

-As soon as the cheese has melted, remove it from the oven and drizzle the sour cream/ranch mixture.

-Serve right away with a small bowl of tomato ketchup.

4- Fats

Including fat directly to food is a great and effective way to increase the calorie count of light meals and snacks. Certain spreads like margarine, cream cheese, mayonnaise, peanut butter and marshmallow can be easily added to toddler-friendly foods like whole wheat toast or graham crackers.

No Bake Peanut Butter Balls

Peanut butter balls make for crunchy, taste bites that delight your toddler and bestow their tiny tummies with loads of calories and protein. They are easy to prepare and dense in nutrients like vitamins and minerals, as well. Prepare them as appetizers or side-dish for an early dinner.

Ingredients :

2/3 cup of shredded coconut
1/2 cup of creamy peanut butter
1/2 cup of ground flaxseed meal
1/3 cup of maple syrup
1/3 cup of mini chocolate chips
1 tsp of vanilla extract
1 cup of raw oats

Directions :

-Mix together the syrup, peanut butter and vanilla extract in a large bowl.
-Then add in the remaining ingredients and keep stirring until they are well-coated
-Transfer the mixture to the refrigerator and chill till they set
-Remove and shape into one-inch sized balls. Store again in the freezer in an airtight container, and serve later.

5- Bread

Bread and rice are two important sources of carbohydrates that toddlers adore. They come loaded with fibre, vitamins, minerals and calories. Additionally, they are a great source of iron as well, and are thus beneficial in increasing energy levels, intellectual performance, as well as promoting a general sense of well-being. Multi-grain bread and whole wheat breads are specially recommended for children.

Turkey Sandwich With Cream Cheese & Bacon

Ingredients :

1 ounces of bacon (3 slices)
2 slices of lightly toasted bread
2 tablespoons of chive cream cheese
3 ounces of thinly sliced, roasted turkey

Directions :

-Cook the bacon in a skillet over medium heat till it turns crisp, i.e. for 6-8 minutes.

-Then transfer it to a plate. Spread the slices of bread with some cream cheese and form the sandwich with the turkey and bacon slices.

Apple, Cheese & Ham Sandwich

Packed with the goodness of meat, dairy and fruit, this sandwich carries a mild yet delectable flavor that children love.

Ingredients :

8 slices of multi-grain bread
1 cup of cheddar cheese
1 large, thinly grated apple
8 slices of ham
2 tablespoons of mustard
2 tablespoons of honey
4 tablespoons of light mayonnaise

Directions :

-Combine honey, mustard and mayonnaise in a mixing bowl.
-Spread the mixture on four-eight slices of bread
-Add one layer of cheese on each of them and top with slices of apple and ham
-Cover them with the other slices and cut the sandwiches diagnoally
-Garnish with a pinch of pepper and serve with leftover pieces of apple.

6- Dairy

Children who are on the verge of transitioning from infancy to toddlerhood require their daily dose of calories and essential fats for optimal growth and brain development. The need for additional calories can be met by providing whole milk products instead of the low-fat options. Full-fat milk, string cheese, whole curd cottage cheese, sliced cheese as well as cheese dips contain nutritious calories.

Cheddar Cheese Puffs

Soft to munch on and easy to churn up, cheese puffs are a lovely high calorie snack for those days when you wish to reward your little toddler for being well-behaved and obedient. Serve alongside a tasty bowl of dip or sauce for added flavor.

Ingredients :

1 cup of flour
6 Tbsp of chilled butter
2 tsp of baking powder
3 cups of grated cheddar cheese
1-3 Tbsp heavy cream

Directions :

-Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
-Combine the flour, butter, cheese and baking powder until they turn crumbly.
-Add in the cream slowly till a dough forms
-Shape the dough into small balls with a one teaspoon scoop
-Bake for 15 minutes or till they turn crispy and golden brown.

Note: Add some shredded cheese to veggies, or whip up baked potatoes with butter and whole milk to ensure high calorie consumption. You can also consider using sweetened condensed milk in place of whole milk for increased nutrition.

7- Snacks and Drinks

Pediatricians recommend staying away from sugary snacks and focusing instead on healthier alternatives like yogurt smoothies mixed with bits of fruit and some juice. Pudding, ice-cream and custard are high in calorie content and when given in moderation, do oddles of good to the body. Ready-made drinks too are high in protein and calories and thus offer an apt snack option. Additionally, fruit cocktails and fruit juice are good source of calories.

Veggie Smoothie

A veggie smoothie is a powerful combination of antioxidant-rich dark, leafy greens that are disguised by the sweet, fresh flavor of fruits blended into a thick, creamy milk-based beverage. If your kid has a soft spot for sweets, consider adding a slice of mango or an extra half of a ripe banana.

Ingredients :

cup of frozen green beans
1 cup of frozen strawberries
3 to 4 big leaves of fresh kale
6-8 baby carrots
1 cup of plain yogurt
1 ripe banana

Directions : 

-Defrost the berries and frozen green berries for two minutes in a microwave-friendly bowl. Put all the ingredients in the food processor and blend till they turn super smooth, while scraping down the sides time and again.
-Pour the smoothie in a straw cup, or store in the refrigerator for serving later.

8- Toddler Carrot Smoothie

This superfood smoothie combines the sweet and delightful flavors of bananas, strawberries, honey and peaces with the health-promoting benefits of milk, in order to create a heart-filling drink your kid will thank you for.

Ingredients :

4 strawberries
3 baby carrots
1 peach
1 banana
1 tablespoon honey
A glass of full-fat milk

Directions :

Combine all the ingredients in a blender and keep mixing them till they are smooth and well-blended. Serve cold with a slice of strawberries or Oreo biscuits for added flavor.

9- Toddler Raspberry Banana Smoothie

Easy to make and apt for late night cravings, this 3-minute smoothie bestows your child with a hearty supply of fruit and calcium. You can even personalize this recipe to meet your kid’s tastes. If they prefer a different kind of berry, feel free to use that instead of the raspberries.

Ingredients :

6 organic frozen raspberries
⅓ cup organic of whole milk
2 tablespoons of vanilla yogurt
2 to 3 ice cubes

Directions :

In a blender, mix all the ingredients until smooth. Pour into your toddler’s cup for their smoothie enjoyment.

10- Frozen Yogurt Fruit Pops


1 cup of plain yogurt
1/4 cup of dry milk powder
2 Tablespoons of sugar
1 cup of canned fruit
4 Popsicle sticks

Directions : 

Place the sugar, milk powder and yogurt in a blender. Cover the lid and blend till the mixture becomes homogeneous. Add in the fruit and blend again it becomes smooth.

-Pour the smoothie in plastic cups and freeze until it is almost set.

-Place a nicely colored Popsicle stick on the center of each and freeze them till they become firm.

Ending Note…

It’s important to take care while adding items to foods, as certain things might end up choking or posing as an allergy risk to your precious toddler. Experts recommend putting foods in a mesh bag as this allows your baby to enjoy them sans any fear.

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