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Could You Be Pregnant- Early Signs of Pregnancy before Missed Period Quiz

You are probably wondering if you could be pregnant. You may also know that the only way to be sure is by taking a pregnancy test. However, this means that you would have to wait until your next period and you most likely feel that the wait is too long. To satisfy your curiosity before you take the test, you can try the early pregnancy symptoms before missed period quiz to determine the possibilities of you being pregnant. Regardless of the results of the quiz, it is just as important to take an actual test afterward so that you can have concrete proof to either prove or disprove your suspicions.

How to Take the Early Pregnancy Symptoms before

Missed Period Quiz

Read all questions below and then, note down your answers depending on what you are feeling. You will know for sure at the end of the quiz. Listed below are the questions you need to answer.

When will you be expecting your next period?

a) In two weeks or more

b) In a few days

c) It is already a few days late

d) It is normally late by a week or more


A-You could be approaching the fertile period and during ovulation, some women tend to feel bloated and tired. You should wait until the period is due before you take a pregnancy test.

B-Some early pregnancy symptoms tend to be similar to menstrual symptoms so you should also wait until the period is due.

C-you might be pregnant if you get a very regular period. However, you should also know there are other factors that might cause a late period.

D-At this time, it will be worth getting a pregnancy test but if the results are negative, you need to consult your doctor to get a diagnosis for other reasons.

How have your breasts been feeling?

a) Normal

b) Tender

c) Swollen

d) Both b and c


A-Many women do experience breast tenderness when they get pregnant but this does not mean that you are not pregnant if yours are not tender. Not all women are the same.

B, c, and d- These symptoms are common in early pregnancy but they have to be accompanied by other symptoms for you to be sure. Most women experience them during ovulation as well or before their period. However, if the changes are different from the normal changes you get, it could be that you are pregnant.

How tired have you been feeling?

a) Not tired

b) Once in a while

c) By the end of some days

d) Very exhausted all day


A-Most women experience fatigue in early pregnancy but not all of them so if you are not tired it does not necessarily mean you are not pregnant.

B, c, and d- There are numerous reasons you could experience fatigue and early pregnancy is one of them. However, if not accompanied by other pregnancy symptoms, then you might not be pregnant.

Are you experiencing any nausea?

a) No

b) At times, I get queasy

c) Sometimes, I do, but it stops when I eat

d) Am sick all day and I cannot keep anything down

Answer :

A- Many women experience nausea in early pregnancy but there those who do not experience any morning sickness. Lack of nausea does not necessarily mean you are not pregnant.

B, c, and d- Nausea is an early pregnancy sign but it could also mean many other things. It should be accompanied by other symptoms to signify pregnancy

How Moody have you been?

a) Not moody

b) A little

c) Noticeably moody

d) Very emotionally moody

Answer :

A-Pregnancy hormones have different effects on different women and not being emotional does not mean for sure that you are not pregnant

B, c, and d- It is very common for pregnant women to feel very emotional and moody during the early stage of their pregnancy. However, at times, this happens during the pre-menstrual stage and if you do feel moody at this time, you should wait until you miss your period to take a test. You should see your doctor if your mood swings are not caused by a pregnancy.

How frequent have you been urinating?

a) As usual

b) A little more than usual

c) Quite frequent, even at night

d) Too frequent

Answer :

A-Not urinating frequently does not rule out the chance that you are pregnant because people are different.

B, c, and d- Frequent urination is one if the common early signs of pregnancy in most women. However, there are still other reasons that could cause this like urinary tract infections. You might want to go for a checkup if this is the only symptoms you are experiencing with no accompanying pregnancy symptoms.

Do you have a metallic taste in your mouth and

unusual food cravings?

a) No

b) I have cravings for some things I do not usually eat

c) I have an odd taste in my mouth

d) Both b and c

Answer :

A-Not all pregnant women experience this in their early stage

B- Weird food cravings could at times be psychosomatic where you think you are pregnant and subconsciously adapt to pregnancy symptoms. However, cravings are a common early pregnant sign.

C- A Metallic taste in the mouth is also very common for many women and it could mean that you are pregnant.

D- You have a very high chance of being pregnant if you have both signs

Have there been any changes to your vaginal


a) Not at all

b) It seems stretchy and thin

c) It is thicker than usual

d) It is thicker and a lot more

Answer :

A-this can be a sign of early pregnancy but you might miss any changes and no changes at means nothing

B-Thin and stretchy mucus that is clear or more of like an egg white, it is usually a sign of the onset of a fertile period. This is normally a good time to try to get pregnant.

C and D-This is a common sign of pregnancy but this symptom on its own cannot signify pregnancy


Most A’s- You barely have any pregnancy symptoms but remember, it developing these signs may take some time for some women so you could still be pregnant.

Most B’s- You have a few signs of early pregnancy but they have many similarities with pre-menstrual symptoms. You can wait to be sure when the period approaches and you can take a test. Do not take it too early though as it could be negative even when you are pregnant.

Most C’s- You have many early pregnancy symptoms and you are leaning more on the side of being pregnant.

Mostly D’s- You have numerous signs of being pregnant and chances are that when you take the test it will come out as positive.

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